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How to update and re-arrange your Wix portfolio images


Welcome back to Charlie & Ava Designs' Wix Tips Blog. Please keep in mind these posts are written with my web design clients in mind, and geared to help them maintain their own website, if they choose to. Of course, anyone with a Wix website could pick up a few handy tips and tricks here too.

Today's post is for anyone who has an image based portfolio, for example, the page in the screenshot below.

In this case the example is a landscape designer. Maybe some months after her site is completed she will want to update the images of this garden as it matures, change the images completely, rearrange them, or add a few more. To do this, log into your site and navigate to the portfolio page you'd like to edit. (Directions for this can be found here) Now click anywhere on the images. A small menu appears, shown below, with a "Manage Media" button. Click that and a new window will pop up called "Organize Your Gallery" showing you all the images in that single gallery.

From here you can:

  • Rearrange the images - click any image, drag and drop it where you want it to be. You'll see the images reorder accordingly

  • Delete images - hover over any image and you'll see a trash can icon appear

  • Add new images - click the orange "Add Media" button to upload new images from your computer

If your portfolio images have labels visible on the live site (this example does not), then you can also edit the title and description of each image here in the column on the right. When your changes are complete, click "Done" to return to the webpage within the editor. To see your page live click the "Preview" button in the top right corner of your screen, or to make your changes live for the world to see, click "Publish".

I hope this helps make your website maintenance easier! f there are any topics you’d love to see included on this blog, please feel free to contact me, or leave them in the comments section below!


Tomas Virgin
Tomas Virgin

Find the page or section of your website where your portfolio images are displayed. This might be on the homepage, a dedicated portfolio page, or a specific gallery section. Click on the gallery or portfolio element that contains your images It might be a grid, a slider, or any other type of display you've chosen for your portfolio

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