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We are a small design studio

with a big heart.


As the founder and one-woman creative behind Charlie & Ava Designs, I am in charge of crafting brands and websites from start to finish and always deliver quality work with clean efficiency.

After moving to Chattanooga, TN in 2014, I began working with my husband, at his local business. This experience is where I quickly learned about marketing, print layouts and website best practices. I tackled a wide range of both print and digital projects which gave me a sound understanding of time management and working to guidelines.

On the side, I began flexing my creative muscles and started to carve out my own unique style. I took on small website designs and freelance work for other local businesses. Soon, Charlie & Ava Designs started to flourish past just some extra evening work, and in March 2017, the studio became my primary job.

When I’m not at my desk, I like to spend time outside, go for a run or paddle. We enjoy traveling a lot and do it as much as we can. I am also a bit of a health and fitness enthusiast and try to get to the gym or out for a run before a long day at the computer. Recently, I have limited my client work per month because in July 2019 we welcomed the sweetest baby boy into the world.

Kim Friberg web and graphic design

Kimberley Friberg

owner / designer

Charlie & Ava

inspiration / encouragement / love

Charlie & Ava


Charlie and Ava were my dogs. At first, I simply wanted my business name to be something that would always make me happy. They were still with us at the time, and were my absolute best friends, so naming it after them just made sense. I figured I would get some weird looks along the way, but at the end of the day I love telling people their story.  Now though, my heart is so happy knowing that Charlie and Ava are memorialized in my creative business. It is my way of keeping their spirit alive; an opportunity to share with others how much the love of a dog can change your world; and a way for me to continue to help animal adoption and rescue awareness.

I was 20 years old when Charlie picked me. He was 6 weeks. You could say I rescued him, but I would argue that really, he rescued me. I didn't know it at the time, but in that moment the course of the rest of my life was changed. I had a little life that was completely dependent on me. I learned how to put myself second, "sacrifice" stopped feeling hard and began to feel like a gift. I got to take care of this little guy for his whole life. And... no matter what mistakes I make along the way, he still thinks I'm amazing.

I always tell people that if Charlie had been a person, he would have been a So Cal surfer dude. He was super laid back, easy going, nothing bothered him, not even the crazy sister he ended up spending his life with. A little less than two years after adopting Charlie, Ava came full force squiggling into our lives. She was 8 months old and a ball of energy. (They said she would calm down with age... it was all lies, haha!) Ava was ALWAYS happy, with a contagious love for life and a tennis ball. We found her at Animal Control in Wilmington, NC (our other home) and even Charlie agreed, she needed to come with us.

Over the course of 14 years (Charlie lived to 14, Ava to 13) I learned so much about love, life and perspective through Charlie and Ava. To think it all started standing in front of a crate at a shelter, holding a tiny little 4lb puppy.

Adopting my dogs was never a question for me. There are so many dogs in shelters who need loving homes, and every one of them will love you more than he loves himself. Looking back, I can't imagine what would have happened to my babies (or me) if I hadn't found them. My hope now is that those who find Charlie & Ava Designs see and feel the heart that runs this business, and maybe a seed will be planted, encouraging you to visit a rescue organization to adopt your newest best friend.


Each year Charlie & Ava Designs plans to donate 5% of all profits to the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga. The goal is to pay forward the love and happiness that Charlie and Ava brought to me, by helping other dogs and cats get the care and love they so deserve. You can read more about the HES here.  

Thank you for working with Charlie and Ava Designs so that we can contribute to this important cause.

Charlie & Ava shelter donation
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